Darnell often takes obstacles he’s faced throughout his life and uses them to paint vivid pictures of his music and deliver a ton of quality content. Williams is always equipped with hard-hitting lyrics and outrageous, impressive visuals and today is no different as he returns with a video for his single “Porno.”

Back in 2016 Darnell first introduced us to his Porno EP with his single “Blown” and he later told Billboard, “”I came up with the concept for ‘Porno’ midway into making my album. I realized all these songs I was putting out had a lot of real emotions and pain in them that otherwise I wouldn’t talk about, but for peoples’ entertainment I did. Same for porn stars, they might not necessary wanna do what they do, but for your entertainment they share their pain.” Now almost two years later we get to see things come full circle with this new visual. The video meets the bar set by his previous videos and sets the tone for the rest of Darnell Williams’ 2018.