SXSW – The home to many emerging music artists from all over for over 30 years. Those that go, go to network, perform, party and explore. It’s an event of a life time. Swagger Rite wasn’t about to let the moment pass without capturing it on film.

Less than a week post-SXSW, Swagger releases his brand new video for his newest single, “Hottest Out” produced by Stretch. If you weren’t in attendance at SXSW, you’ll surely not want to miss it ever again after watching this video. The visuals encapsulate the entire essence of the music festival – days of live music of all genres and streets populated with people from all walks of life linking up and getting lit. Between his facial expressions and aggressive lyrics, Swagger Rite either makes you fearful or a fan, but either way it’s hard to stop watching. The video is a fully packaged, in-your-face, behind-the-scenes exposure to the SXSW 2018 scene at it’s finest. A focused lens shining bright on Swagger Rite like VVS ‘all designered out’ in the streets of Austin Texas. Call it a bio-pic or documentary, if you will. If this single doesn’t make you dance like the guy in the Supreme hat, you should question your level of swag.