This story comes from a Memphis man, it was told that he was about to get married and he told his fiancée he was going to have a bachelor party. She didnt like the idea because she didnt want him with any strippers. So thinking outside of the box, 3 of his friends ordered a $ex doll online for the bachelor party. They bought all of the party favors, party bus , weed and drinks.

They loaded the party bus and his friends pulled out the sex doll, they made John have $ex with the doll while taking shots. One of the friends pulled out his cell phone and said lets post the video on facebook, another guy yelled lets run a train on that hoe. Friend after friend ejaculated inside of the doll back to back not knowing one of the friends had H!V. After a long drunken night, John got married the next morning and passed the disease to his new wife on their honeymoon.