It is safe to say that fans got their money’s worth when Floyd Mayweather met Conor MacGregor in the boxing ring this past weekend. Although Money Mayweather won handily, McGregor left many fans believing he could have a successful boxing career if he so chose. The Irish UFC star gave Mayweather all due respect after the fight but believes his stamina would not have played a part had he had more time.

McGregor discusses the lack of preparation time for the fight, and how that impacted the way he had to train. He suggests that she did not have enough time to build up to the stamina required to make it 12 rounds in the boxing ring. “A little more time and we could have made the 12 cleanly, while under more stress, and made it thru the later rounds in the actual fight.” He even went as far as to suggest that Mayweather could have succeeded in MMA, “he has some very strong tools he could bring into an MMA game for sure.”

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Source: Instagram