Husband confesses to having a five year relationship with a side chick due to his wife working too hard and not being able to fill his void of neediness.

My wife told me this past week that I am going straight to hell because I refuse to confess/admit to having a three way #LoveTriangle. Then right after she told me that, the pastor preached a sermon and said that before you can ask for forgiveness, you have to first acknowledge your wrong. Well, here I am acknowledging the fact that I have had a mistress for over 5 years. Our affair started out extremely private for a long time. Then somehow, things changed. I love my wife, and she’s a wonderful person. She didn’t deserve to have to deal with lonely days & nights while I was away from the house with someone else.

Tammy’s a great woman. She’s a wonderful mother and also an extremely driven corporate executive. Those are two great qualities to have, but those two qualities also sometimes leave voids in men. Managing children, managing a team at work, obtaining more degrees, and managing a household took up most of my wife’s time. On top of those things, she also did most of the finance duties at my company. Well, that became a big problem. I had too much time on my hands and no wife to spend it with. I needed someone to take care of me and nurture me. I needed someone to roll the streets with me all day everyday. I needed someone who could keep me laughing and upbeat. I needed someone who could get drunk with me and just live in my carefree world.

I needed someone willing to cater their entire life to keeping a smile on my face with no expense spared. If they thought I wanted them to jump, they’d offer and ask how high and how many times I’d like to see them jump. My wife wouldn’t do that. She’d instead ask me a million questions of “what purposes would it serve to jump.” My wife is too conservative to get drunk with me & hang out to 6am. I can’t even get my wife to step into a club. That’s where the doors opened up to allow someone else into our marriage.

I’m a country boy, so I’m very slow to what goes on in the city. When I met this little mistress of mine, she blew my mind. She took me to places I had never known existed. I realized how green I really am. I had never set foot inside of the bars and lounges and after hour spots that she took me to. All I knew for years was Treasures (my favorite gentlemens club). We partied hard and she would jump on a plane in a minute. She knows everyone. She can get us into every place in America with no problems. I guess she built a very long list of contacts in the club promotions world through the years. They sure come in handy. I fell weak to that little red woman.

I would like to publicly apologize to my wife Tammy for having her endure hurt and pain that was caused by me throughout these past 5 years. I know there were nights she missed me. She would blow my phone up every min until the sun came up. She doesn’t have to endure the embarrassment, hurt and pain anymore. Things are different for us now. We are in a better place. It was nothing but The Lord that got us to where we are today. If it were up to us, there is no telling where we would be.

I appreciate the both of these two ladies!!!
These two ladies have taken great care of me over the last few years. Tammy has met all of the needs I ask of her when it comes to our family. Family is the main thing that matters. She does a great job in that aspect. She takes great care of my children and also she helps keep me grounded as a man. She helps me to fit in better within society as a whole. My mistress meets my personal and sensual needs. My mistress does a great job nurturing and catering to me. It’s almost like The Lord himself sent her down to me.

I owe both of these two ladies a huge thank you because they have worked long hours and have denied themselves of things in order to take care of me financially for the last few years. Whenever there is a need that arises (big or small), I know I can call on either of the two. The financial support I’ve received from them has allowed me to take a couple years off from work and live a carefree life.

I pray that The Lord gives me the strength and tools I need to navigate this thing called life that I’m living. I don’t know what the future holds, but something tells me that my future will be very bright and filled with pure Joy!!! ?

Now that I’ve confessed to my sins, I can begin working on the next step. Also, my wife will hopefully begin to heal totally and forgive me since I’ve confessed. I’ve never spoken out of my mouth to my wife that I’ve had an affair going on. She had a pretty good idea, but never had confirmation from me. I’d always change the subject or simply be silent. At times, I’d say “I ain’t got a girlfriend!!!” My wife is strong. She and I will walk together down this path. The difference now is that I want her to be more vocal of the directions she feels things should go to keep her at peace. We will work together!!!
Thanks for reading!!!